No, You Don’t Wish You Looked Like Kate Middleton After Giving Birth

When I first saw Kate Middleton in that red dress, carrying her baby, walking in those HEELS just hours after giving birth, I had a moment of “Damn, I didn’t look like that hours after giving birth.”

And I keep seeing social media posts with “real women” comparing their post birth photos to Kate’s. Some are jealous of her. Some are judging her. I’ve seen lots of people with the same attitude I had at first. We have this gut reaction that says, “That’s not what women look like after giving birth.” 

And we’re right, kind of. Women don’t naturally look like that after giving birth. And we shouldn’t be expected to. Kate Middleton is a real woman, and she shouldn’t be subjected to that bullshit either. 

Do we honestly think that hours after pushing a baby out of her vagina, Kate wanted to get all dressed up, have her makeup done, and parade her newborn baby around while walking in heels?

I am willing to bet no. She probably wanted what all of us want—to eat, to sleep, and to bond with her baby (and maybe some pain medicine and stool softener because y’all know that first poop after giving birth is terrifying).

If you watch the clip and look closely when she walks, she is clearly in pain. But she has to pretend she’s not. She has to pretend that she doesn’t have the giant blood diaper and mesh panties on under that dress. She has to be royal and act like every part of her body is not in pain.

She lives a life in a system where she is forced to get out of bed, look great, and make an appearance to show off her baby.

You don’t want that. I don’t want that. And I feel like it’s a pretty safe bet that she didn’t want that either. Let’s stop judging her and take a hard look at the system that puts her in that position. 

And as far as the jealousy goes, how messed up is the world we live in where our appearance is so damn important that we’re upset when someone looks good after giving birth? We just brought a human being into the world. We’re freaking badasses. Who gives a crap how we look?