What Do You Do When God Seems to Contradict Himself? (Or What Does God Really Say About Women's Roles?)

I was a women who believed in traditional gender roles (despite my personality not being bent at all toward housework and quiet submission). The Bible "clearly says" women are to stay home with their children, submit to their husbands in all things, homeschool, make their home a perfectly clean haven for their hardworking husbands, and bake heavenly casseroles. And women were definitely not allowed to preach, teach, or lead men. People in "authority" taught me that. They had Bible verses to support it. It must be true, right? 

(Side Note: It is horrifically dangerous to build a doctrine on isolated Bible verses taken out of their literary, historical, and cultural contexts.)

I was surviving, doing the best I could, fighting the fact that I wasn’t designed to fit this keyhole I was being crammed into. But it couldn’t be that I was designed for something different. God only designs women from a certain mold right? It must be my sin nature and the devil causing me to want to “rebel.” 

(Side Note Again: Theology that shames people for their personality is tragically damaging, and not at all representative of Jesus.)

Then Jesus, sweet, amazing, wonderful, gracious, loving, Jesus stepped in. He told me to put my kids in school and go into ministry. 

I didn’t know what to do, but Jesus kept showing me over and over that’s what He wanted me to do. And my journey of finding out who He really is, who He really says I am, and what’s really true began. 

I had to find out for myself. 

I had the opportunity to share my journey and what I’m learning in a 10 minute episode on Not Your Pastor’s Pulpit. I’d love for you listen.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re going through, ask your questions. Jesus is not afraid of them. And He just might surprise you with His answers.