15 years after 9/11: Searching for Stability Among the Shards

I wrote an article for NewSpring Church looking back on 9/11 and our search for stability in our shattered our world. We all remember where we were when the world shook and froze at the same time. In many ways the world is still shaking, but there is one place we can find stability:

15 years after 9/11: Searching for stability among the shards

I was leaving the cafeteria after study hall when the world froze. Mr. Barney, my high school principal, came over the loudspeaker. I’d never heard his voice more measured and serious as he told us that a plane flew into the World Trade Center. 

I dropped my backpack. 

What did he say? 

We watched the news unfold in the gym. When I saw the Pentagon was hit, I ran to the pay phone, shaking, and called my mom to see if my cousin Shelly was OK. 

“Shelly’s OK,” she said.  

On Sept. 11, 2001, the world shifted on its axis and shook us all to our cores. For me, it triggered the start of my struggle with panic attacks.

Searching for Stability in a Shattered World

Amidst our grief, fear, and uncertainty, our nation pulled together striving for stability. Everyone was nicer to each other. We hugged our families tighter. We looked for ways to help. Some went to church. Some joined the military.

We needed to make sense of what happened and try to fit the pieces back together. But we can never go back to our world as it existed on Sept. 10, 2001.

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