How to help bring unity if you voted for Trump

I get it, you voted for Trump based on his policies — I like some of his policies too, and I truly hope he succeeds at the ones that will in fact make life better for all Americans. You’re not a racist, nor a sexist, nor a bigot, and you don’t think it’s “locker room talk” to brag about sexual assault. And it hurts when people call you those names. I’m sorry. I believe the best about you. You were faced with a choice between two evils, and Trump seemed like the lesser of the two. And you probably believe that the media vilified Trump, and he’s not actually a racist, sexist, bigot either. 

But here’s the thing, real people are getting hurt and harassed, in the name of Donald Trump, by people who are racist, sexist, bigots. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the election of Donald Trump has emboldened some people to act out their hate toward others. 

And it has caused fear in people whose rights he threatened to take away. I know you believe that the checks and balances of our government will keep Trump from doing anything drastic against any group of people. That’s probably true.

But those checks and balances don’t stop Mahu Abdul Gawad from having her hijab forcibly ripped off her head in Walmart and being told to hang herself because “this is not allowed here anymore.”

They don’t stop the elderly parents of my friend’s friend from receiving harassing bigoted prank calls.

And they don’t stop my own children from being afraid that their immigrant friends will be separated from their families, or deported.

The KKK has been emboldened by Trump’s election. Even though 99% of Trump voters, would never support the KKK, they seem to think that Trump’s victory is a victory for their “cause.” Thankfully Trump is condemning them

But hate crimes and hate speech are on the rise following Trump’s election, including in schools. 

I’m not blaming you for this. I don’t think you intended any of this to happen, but it is happening. You have the privilege of ignoring it if you want to, but if you are genuinely not racist, and especially if you are a Christian, you have an obligation to do something about it. 

You voted for policies, and now it’s time to protect people.

White privilege means we can focus on the policies and choose to ignore the threats he made to our fellow Americans (which are now being carried out by other Americans) because we won’t be hurt by them. In all honesty, who the president is has never personally affected my life in the 31 years I’ve walked this planet. 

But we’re not called to sit back and ignore injustice. We are called to fight for the oppressed, and fight for the hurting. 

It’s time to speak up. Many Trump supporters are calling for unity. You can help move us in that direction by standing up against the hate.

Condemn the violence, hate crimes, and hate speech. Tell people of color, LGBTQ+ people, Muslims, sexual assault survivors, immigrants, people with disabilities, and all those who are scared and hurting right now that you love them, support them, and will be there for them. Tell them you won’t stand for people hurting them or discriminating against them. 

Then take action.

When you see something, say something.

You voted for Trump based on his policies, not his rhetoric. Now, it’s time for all of us to unite with love and stand up to those acting out in hate. 

Whether you voted for Trump, Hillary, 3rd party, or not at all, we can all come together and pledge to make sure love wins.