Let's pray for Trump and Clinton, as people not politicians

I just had a crazy thought. I was starting to write a Facebook post about how our hope is not in the next president; it's in Jesus, so we can all relax.

I was typing about how Jesus knew this election would happen before the foundations of the world. He's not going to have an "oh crap" moment on November 9. He already knows what's going to happen, and He will ultimately use it for our good and His glory.

But then I had a crazy thought. God CREATED Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose. Just like He created you and me. God cares about them as people way more than He cares about them as politicians. They are His children. He is right now pursuing their hearts, just like He pursues every one of us. 

No one is honestly changing their minds at this point about who they are voting for. So what if we took all the energy and time we spend "discussing" the election, and start praying for them. I'm not talking about praying for the results of the election, or praying for our country — though those are things we should be doing. I'm talking about praying for them as people, as individuals who matter to God. 

What if we pray for God to draw them close to Him, remove the scales from their eyes, and open their hearts to a relationship with Him?

What would happen if for the next week every Christian in America stopped for a moment whenever we see, hear, or say anything about the election and just prayed for the hearts and souls of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? What would happen in our hearts? What would happen in theirs? What affect would it have on eternity? What affect would have on our country and our world?

I'm committing to do it. Will you?