3 Reasons A Guy (Or Girl) Will Never Be Enough To Satisfy You

So, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Maybe you are in a great relationship, and you can’t wait to celebrate. Maybe for you it’s Singles Awareness Day. Or perhaps you fall into the camp of “it’s complicated.”

Whatever your relationship status is, one thing is certain: love and relationships are in our faces this time of year. Everywhere you go there are red and pink hearts, “I Love You” teddy bears, roses, and candy. Society is screaming at us “you need a relationship to be satisfied, to be good enough, to be happy.”

But it’s a big fat lie. The truth is whether we are happily married for 50 years, or single forever, a man will never be enough to fill that deep empty longing inside us.

Sure relationships can be great, and in fact can be very satisfying. I am happily married, so I know how great relationships can be. I have also experienced plenty of heartbreak, and painful relationships in my life. But my husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your future significant other will never, can never, be enough to fill that empty place.

3 Reasons A Guy/Girl Cannot Be Enough to Satisfy You

1. He is human.

The thing about that person you are dating, or want to date, is he is human. And the thing about humans is that we are not perfect. We mess up. We hurt each other. No human can love you perfectly, and you cannot love another person perfectly either. Even in the greatest relationships, hurt happens. Yes, there is forgiveness and communication and all of the things that make great relationships great. But at the end of the day if we are relying on another imperfect person to do everything right to fill that hole inside of us, we will be disappointed.

2. It’s too big of a hole.

Can you imagine someone expecting you to meet every single one of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs 24/7? That’s a lot of pressure. And it’s impossible. That deep longing inside of us, that intense desire to be fully known and fully loved, that emptiness, is too big for a person to fill.

3. You Were Created for More.

You were created with this deep desire that we’re talking about. That feeling of wanting to be loved, of wanting someone to know everything about you, and still love you, of wanting a relationship with someone who can fully satisfy you and meet all of your needs, was put inside of you on purpose. Your Creator put it there so you would search for Him. It was never meant to be filled by another human being. Yes it’s true that He designed us to be relational beings, and it is good and necessary for us to have other people in our lives who we can trust, have fun with and do life with. But, that void in you, the one you want to fill with a boyfriend or girlfriend, can only be filled by the One who created you.

He already knows you. He knows everything about you, and He Loves You Enough to Die For You.

So this Valentine’s Day, whether you are in a relationship, single, or complicated, will you meet and get to the know the only one who can really fully satisfy you?